Hi Rebz Simons,
I hope all is well. Just to let you know that we really enjoyed the Purim Seudah!  It was really well arranged, the décor was beautiful and the atmosphere was great. So just to say a huge thanks for that!
Kind regards, E. C.

[…] We wanted to thank you again for the lovely Shabbos full of warmth, spirituality and Ahavas Israel, that we spent with you. We pray that Hashem will always give you the Zechut to continue the super work you are doing, in health, wealth and happiness.

To Mrs. Chanie Simon:
Thank you so much for Shabbat, it was wonderful to meet you, your family and friends. The meal was delicious - More like a feast! Many blessings to you, your family and friends.

Thank you all the Simon family for your great hospitality and superb meal! 
Dr. Y.F.

The Circus was really phenomenal, an amazing time was had by all the family, already looking forward to next year. 
Mrs. M.P. 

Dear Chanie,
Once again a wonderful meal with warm, wonderful families. I am so privileged to spend my hebrew birthday with such lovely company (and such delicious food!) 
I wish you & your delightful beautiful children and special husband, chag sameach and a good year.

Hi there,
Was wondering when these calendars will be available for purchase? I find them very user friendly and would like to purchase one as soon as possible.
Many thanks,

Dear Rabbi Yossi & Chanie,
Thank you very much for your lovely hosting.
Since Thursday we’re back home, but we can’t forget the last Shabbat with you.
We’re wishing you all the best with your blessed activities,
And we’re hoping to see you in The holy land soon.
G,T & O, Israel

Dear Rabbi Yossi, Chanie and all the family.
Thank you very much for your amazing hospitality! I had the pleasure of meeting you!
Wishing you a lot of good, joy and Bracha.
Hope to see you in Israel, Shabbat Shalom

שבוע טוב,
רצינו להודות לך, לזוגתך ולכל המשפחה לסעודת שבת הנפלאה שחווינו בביתכם שבוע שעבר. בע"ה בזכות מצוות הכנסת אורחים שלכם שתזכו לכל שועות בכלל ובפרט.
בתודה רבה

Dear Rabbi Yossi & Chanie,
Shavua Tov! Thank you for opening your home to us and for making us feel so welcomed and at home. Thank you for helping to make our Shabbat experience in London so memorable.
D & B,  Israel

Thank you again for a lovely Shabbis meal! It was heartwarming to see such kind hachnasat orchim.

Greetings Rabbi,
Thank you again for your kind hospitality over Pesach to Tom and I. It was an unbelievable experience!
Your shul, being in your home, learning about Pesach from you........
Wishing you and your family well
Michael, Cape Town

Just a short note to thank you most sincerely for your calendar which we received.
Wishing you a Shana Tova,
R & E

Thank you for the BEST CAMP EVER
Y had 2 fabulous weeks - thank you for thinking about our boys and looking after them in such a warm and caring way.

Thank you for all the wonderful work you do at Magnolia Ct. Seeing my father in law, really enjoying himself when you put tefillin on him, was a great privilege for my wife and myself.
Wishing you every success with your future endeavors

Many thanks for your wonderful work! Chanuka Sameach!

We are so grateful to Chabad and Zippos Circus and the Zippos Circus staff who put on such fabulous kosher entertainment every sukkos.
Mrs C.F. , London

Seeing what you do for Chanuka is amazing. It's a proper publicising of the miracle. Exactly as Chanuka is meant to be. We are so lucky to live in a country which encourages us to promote and be proud of our Judaism. And the way you take that forward is really wonderful.
Adam Cannon

Happy Purim to the Simon Family! Many thanks for inviting us to share Purim with you!
Best Regards, L & G Warren

Shalom Rabbi Yossi. Thank you very much for the Purim sweets. You really made the difference this year for my kids!. The girls are always very happy to give tzedaka through the app. Hope you and your family had a good Purim. I am always happy to see all your hard work to keep traditions and the sense of community alive. Hag sameach!

Thank you Chanie and Yossi for a wonderful Friday Night dinner.Thank you for letting us share in the birthday celebrations! Chanie, thank you for all your hard work and for inviting me to join you. Shabbos with your family is very special. It is always an honour to spend shabbos with you and your family!