Tzivos Hashem - Jewish Children International is today the largest educational outreach organisation serving all Jewish children throughout the world.

Since it began in 1981, Tzivos Hashem's innovative approach to Jewish education has inspired both children and adults from all backgrounds and all walks of life.

With national scoring system, Tzivos Hashem enables its over 10,000 young members throughout the UK to earn rewards for good deeds or for taking part in Jewish holidays and observing the Mitzvot (commandments) at home.

Tzivos Hashem pioneered the Great Jewish Family Expo, and now, as a spinoff, has launched the Crafts of the Jewish People in the UK.

But we do not just work with kids here. We are closely in touch with the Ukraine where Tzivos Hashem has a full time youth worker.

In addition we publish a Newsletter before all the major Jewish Festivals. Our headquarters in New York is an educational clearing and publishing house for Jewish educational material, and we can arrange for these items to be available here too.

When it comes to Jewish education, there is nothing like seeing and touching in a hands -on experience.

Peruse the different workshops available, and select the workshop you want to enhance your holiday curriculum, or to set the theme for a school event.

We look forward to working with you to tailor the workshops to your needs.