Throughout the year.
Please call the office on 0208 458 0416 or email us on to arrange a suitable date for your workshop. 

RecomMended age:

The Shabbat Workshop can be altered to suit any age range, from kindergarten to senior citizens.


1 hour - 1 hour 30 minutes


£150 for half a day (up to 3 groups), £250 for a full day. Plus an additional 0.75p per participant per craft.

About the workshop:

Choose two from...

Candle Making: Participants make their own Shabbat candles the old fashioned way, using bees wax.

Everyone takes home a calendar with the Shabbat candle lighting times.

Wheat Grinding & Challah Plaiting: Participants prepare a threshing floor, winnow the wheat corn to separate the chaff from the grain In a hand driven wheat mill, they grind the wheat into flour, sift it and make the dough. The dough is plaited into Challah and taken home for baking into Challah for Shabbat.

Making Kiddush Wine: Students press grapes in a traditional hand operated winepress and watch the juice come flowing out. After their hard work, participants enjoy a cool glass of grape juice!

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