Community Services

Chabad GG offers or can direct you to any and all Jewish services 

Hospital Visitation 
At Chabad we realize how frightening, overwhelming or simply lonesome being in the hospital can be, and that’s why we put such emphasis on visiting people in the hospital and bringing them a gift package with goodies, that show them we care. We visit senior living centers, hospices and hospitals where we run occasional Holiday programs consisting of entertainment and crafts, bringing joy to the residents. Most importantly the patient is given the message that they are not alone.

Jewish Services:

Mezuzot Checking 
A Mezuzah is so much more than a piece of parchment rolled into a scroll. Since the Mezuzah acts as our own personal guardian, alert at all times, it’s important to ensure that it is always in top condition. We can have your Mezuzot checked to ensure that they are Kosher. Click here to learn more about Mezuza. 
Email [email protected] or phone 0208458 0416 to arrange for your Mezuzah to be checked. 

Keeping Kosher is one of the most fundamental aspects of our religion. Kashering is the process of transforming your kitchen into one that meets all the standards of Kashrut.
To have your kitchen Koshered or for more information please contact us.
To find out more about Kosher click here. 

Tefillin Inspection 
Wrapped around our arms in those square black boxes, it’s easy to forget how holy Tefillin are. Containing the name of G-D, each time we wrap ourselves in those black straps we are forging a bond with our Creator. Like Mezuzot, Tefillin contain holy parchments that need to be checked from time to time to ensure they are fit for use. 
Drop your Tefillin off and we’ll have them checked for you. 
If you would like to purchase a pair of Tefillin, please be in touch here. 

Life Cycle Events:

Baby Naming / Bris Circumcision Ceremony / Pidyan Haben 
The birth of each baby is a great delight in the greater Jewish community. We will facilitate, arrange, assist and familiarize the family with the entire process to make it the experience and the joy it is meant to be. 
Rabbi Simon has also performed Brit Milahs internationally, and will be able to come to your home. 

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Celebrations 
help parents think through the myriad of details that require attention when planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. We help make the occasion a memorable step forward for your son or daughter in living a meaningful Jewish life. 
Ages 12 through 120 - We will create the Bar or Bat Mitzvah you desire and choose, from a simple one with minimal preparation to the whole elaborate affair. 
Click here to view images of previous Bar Mitzvahs at Chabad.
To schedule Bar or Bat Mitzvah lessons or to book in a Bar or Bat Mitzva celebration email [email protected]

Mazal Tov! Congratulations on your engagement. We hope your happiness will continue to grow and that you will succeed in laying the foundations for a warm, loving and nurturing Jewish home. Rabbi Simon is available to officiate at your wedding. Should you have any queries; please be in touch here.
Did you know that besides for all the necessary wedding planning it's also essential to learn the Jewish laws of marriage?  
The sanctity of the Jewish home hinges on the husband and wife following the guidelines of Family Purity. In order to be properly prepared, both the bride and groom must study up on the subject before the wedding day. It is customary for the couple to receive separate private lessons on Family Purity from qualified instructors. This personal and non-threatening forum is also a wonderful opportunity for the couple to ask any questions of a personal nature they may have which they may be uncomfortable asking of family or friends.  

King Solomon said, "There is a time for all under the heavens - a time to love, a time to journey, a time to plant, a time to reap, a time to rejoice and a time to mourn." The Rabbi and staff are always there especially in times of need to offer comfort, guidance and bereavement support, assistance in preparation, officiating at the funeral and the Shiva service.

For unveilings, Shiva services, Yizkor and Kaddish, please call us at 0208 458 0416 or email [email protected]

For More Information Contact Rabbi Simon Here or call 0208 458 0416