All services are being held in accordance with local health guidelines due to COVID-19. Face coverings are required and attendees are seated socially distant. 
Preregistration is required to attend any of the services and can be done here.

Friday Evening Schedule- Kabalat Shabbat


11 September Nitzavim- Vayelech  7:05 pm
18 September Rosh Hashonah  see High Holiday Schedule 
25 September Ha-azinu  6:30 pm
2 October Sukkot see Sukkot Schedule
9 October  Shemini Atzeret see Sukkot Schedule
16 October  Bereishit 5:45 pm
23 October  Noach

5:30 pm

30 October Lech- Lecha 4:20 pm
6 November Vayeira 4:10 pm
13 November Chayei Sara 3:55 pm
20 November Toldot 3:45 pm
27 November Veyeitzei 3:40 pm


Shabbat Morning Schedule

Class on Mystesism on the weekly Parsha  10:00 am 
 Shacharit/ Morning Service   10:30 am


For information about daily Minyanim in Golders Green, please contact us here