What is the CTeen Shabbaton?

High school-aged kids from around the world - Singapore, Melbourne, Panama, Ukraine, Switzerland, Europe, Israel and all over the United States - join together in Brooklyn for an unforgettable weekend of Jewish experience, friendship and pride! Teens and their guides/chaperones are put up with a family in Crown Heights and participate in a full schedule of Shabbat meals, discussions, trips and the highlight - taking over Times Square on Saturday night for an exclusive Havdallah ceremony and concert.


When is the Shabbaton?"

22- 25 February 2024/ 13- 16 Adar 5784


What security measures are being taken for the weekend?


The security of your children is our number one priority.

CTeen and the Chabad Security Commission are working closely with the New York Police Department, NYPD Counter Terrorism Unit, Port Authority, Transit Police, the mayor's office, and public security commission to ensure the safety and security of all the participants at the CTeen convention.

The Chabad Security Commission has tremendous experience in this field; most notably they provide the security for the International Conference of Chabad Shluchim, which hosts crowds upwards of 5,000 people twice a year.

All agencies have been made well aware of the entire weekend schedule and program ahead of time to ensure your safety. The NYPD will be on call with extra patrols and patrol stations present throughout the weekend.

Private security will be employed for the entire weekend in addition to the police. Security will be stationed at every exit and entry of each event, workshop, and trip, and will be continuously patrolling Crown Heights and Manhattan, particularly during night time events.

Teens will not be allowed to walk alone in Crown Heights and Manhattan without a chaperon.

Before the weekend, exchange cell phone numbers with everyone in your group.

Remember to keep your valuables and cell phones close to you, especially on the subways.

To comply with security measures, teens must wear their ID badge and wristband at all times.




Is there an early bird discount?

Yes. Register before 22nd December.


Is it for my child?"

Only you really know the answer to that question, but we assume it is. The weekend has something for everyone and is an amazing experience for teens on so many levels. They'll meet and hang out with a diverse group of kids their age from all over the world, explore Jewish ideas and topics, have a lot of fun, and spend a weekend immersed in an environment of Jewish empowerment and pride.


How can I find out more information?

If you are interested in finding out more details about the weekend or registering your child, email [email protected] to learn more or click here to register.