Services and user- friendly, explanatory and open to all. We realize that services shouldn't just be about reading the prayers- it is a soulful experience. So whether you have been going to the Synagogue since you were a kid or it is your first time, you can feel right at home. 

Weekly Schedule
8:30am Shachrit followed by breakfast and video presentation 

7:00am Shachrit

7:00am Shachrit

7:30pm Kabalat Shabbat followed by Dinner. Info HERE

10:00am Class on mystisism of the weekly Parsha 
10:30am Shachrit 
11:00am Children's programme. Info HERE
12:15pm Kiddush Farbrengon Luncheon. Info  HERE

Kaddaish/ Mourners Prayer
Kaddish is a tremendous merit and source of elevation for a soul and is recited for 11 months after death and subsiquently every year on the Yartzeit (anniversary) of the passing.
Can't say it? No problem, we will arrange for someone to say it for you, just submit the form HERE.
Bar Mitzvah

Did you know there is more to a Bar Mitzvah than the bar? A Bar/ Bat Mitzvah is an experience that can mould a child, leaving an everlasting imprint on his/ her life forever. 

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Friday Night Dinner has restarted!!! More info and register here.
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Weekly childrens programme has begun each week. More info HERE.
Upcoming events
Sep. 24, 2022
Join Rabbi Yossi Simon as he explores the weekly Parsha through the lens of Chassidic mystisism. In just thirty minutes, as a preparation for the Shacharit service, enjoy the ever refreshing ...
Sep. 24, 2022
Kids love our Shabbat Kids Programme because of its fun program and interactive services. Parents love Shabbat Kids Club because their kids are learning Jewish prayers and developing an ...
Sep. 29, 2022
Start your morning in the right way, as you join us for a quick Minyan before you start your day,
Sep. 30, 2022
Turn an ordinary Friday Night into extraordinary.

Join us on Friday Night as we celebrate Shabbos with traditional prayers and a community Shabbat dinner.

The spirited singing, ...